GOOD TO KNOW. Important Info for Visitors – PYKÄLÄ                   11 June 2022

When you arrive – How to get in – The Key
The key is in the key box on the wall of each house/outside porch. The code for the key box you get from the owner or another authorized person by email or by phone. Please, leave the key when you leave into the box of the building you stay at. 
Log Grill (Kelogrilli), Outdoor Wooden Toilet and Outside Sauna
The wooden barbeque hut, Kelogrilli (Log Grill), outside toilet and the outside Sauna at the pond can be used free of charge.
To Maintain the House during your stay. About the C
If there are several different people staying at the house and using the common facilities, we recommend agreeing in advance who maintains and does the final cleaning before the departure. Please, leave the spaces as tidy as you would like to find them yourself after a previous customer.


Something about the Houses



Honkapirtti (Old Pine Log House)


  1. air conditioning works with the buttons located by the cooker hood above the stove
  2. the thermostat for the under-floor heating is located at the entrance, the roof heating can be turned on/off by the controls inside electricity cabinet at the entrance. The sauna facilities have their own under-floor heating, thermostat. 
  3. the smoke damper for the fireplace is in the living room, the dampers for the stone oven are behind it (please remember to close the smoke dampers upon departure).
  4. Please remember to close the faucets of the dishwasher and washing machine upon departure.
  5. The back door and balcony door of Honkapirtti (Old Pine Log House) should be carefully closed/locked upon departure.

WanhaPirtti (Old Lodge)


  1. The thermostat for its heating is located by the wall between the living room and kitchen. All the electric radiators also have an on/off switch.
  2. The baking oven has three dampers: the left one for the stove tops, middle one for the inverted funnel and the right one is the actual oven chimney (remember to close the dampers upon departure)


Keloaitta (Old Farm Storehouse)


  1. The air source heat pump working with control panel located at the wall between the main room and the kitchen. The transferable electric radiators function with on/off button. 
  2. The toilet door should always be carefully closed and especially in winter to check that its  radiator is switched on
  3. Koirala (Doghouse) is located downstairs of Keloaitta (Old Farm Storehouse) and can be used as a home care room. There are water faucet and freezer, as well as cleaning equipment and supplies. The doors of the doghouse must be carefully closed and its key returned to the keybox of Old Farm Storehouse. 



  1. Ash: Please check the amount of ash in the rooms with wooden cookers and empty the ash as cold from its trap when necessary to outdoor space (not to flower beds or equivalent or at the yard). 
  2. Cleaning: The customer is responsible for the general cleaning of Pykälä during and after the stay. If we find the cabin is not properly cleaned after the visit, we will invoice the customer of the actual cleaning expenses. Please leave the house(s) as tidy as you would also like to find it/them after the previous customers. The maintenance cannot always immediately check the cabins after a customer due to long distanced
  3. Outdoor sauna: Its timer is inside the cabinet in the dressing room. In summer, please air the sauna properly by leaving the doors slightly open after its use. In winter, the sauna will dry only in the afterheat and therefore the sauna doors must be left closed.
  4. Rubbish: Rubbish containers are located outside near the firewood storage, where there are also spades and snow shovels available. Please put all rubbish to containers.
  5. Stuff/goods in place: If you have booked the whole Pykala, please make sure that anu dishes, cutlery, blankets, pillows and furniture return to buildings from where you temporarily removed them.
  6. Wi-Fi: (internet) password: 94466992584
  7. The internet router and TV`s are switched off and disconnected from the mains, because of a risk of thunder. The router is located downstairs nearby TV at the living room in Honkapirtti (Old Pine Log House).
  8. Netflix:It works automatically or can be accessed by the email address: jari.talvio(at) - the password is: inettifliksi
  9. Canal Digital:Its channels are available in Honkapirtti (Old Pine Log House). The new TVs might require updating before the channels will be visible

 Some advice and help

  1. Our principal, Mr. Kauko Puruskainen +358 400 273671 is happy to help, if you have any questions.
  2. Environment: Winter maintenance, plowing the roads from snow and other maintenance jobs: Mr Seppo ”Tupala” Laukkanen: +358 40 5736067
  3. Any electricity disturbance: The help number is: 0800 9 2500. More information here: 
  4. In case of the toilet not flushing properly, the problem is the tank is too full or the toilet is clogged. Please call first Kauko or Seppo. Emptying the tank can be requested by calling the following number: +358 044 2940900 / Kainuun Jäteyhtymä Ltd.
  5. Do not put in the flushing toilet or the sewers or washbasins anything, which does not belong to them, thank you very much! In toilet, only outcome of the visit with toilet paper and in sewers only stuff that is sewer washable. 
  6. Close/lock: It is essential that all doors and windows of the houses are carefully closed/locked when you depart. For example, you should always double check the back door and balcony door of Old Pine Log House and the outdoor sauna, toilet of the Old Farm Storehouse (Koirala) and Old Pine Log House.

If something breaks or goes wrong during your stay, please be kind and inform the owner without any delay.

Your Pleasant Visit in a Unique Environment

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